What Faffcon Means to Me.

Many talented, intelligent, and well spoken individuals have written about the phenomenon that is Faffcon. What is Faffcon? It’s the brilliant brainchild of amazing VO Talent, Mom, and all around Awesome Person Amy Snively. It’s a voiceover unconference where the participants get to decide what to talk and learn about. For roughly two days we get together and learn, laugh, eat lots of good food, and drink various things that ofttimes cause us to act very silly indeed.

It’s also the place that has helped springboard a truly amazing change in my life.

Nearly a year ago, I was not doing well personally. I won’t take the time to go into details except to say that I was really at a personal and professional low. I didn’t know what I wanted, or how to get there, and I was unhappy on all kinds of levels. My dad-the VO Talent Bob Souer-came to visit, and he wanted my brother and I to go to this thing called Faffcon. I didn’t know what it was, or why I would want to go, but Dad was willing to pay my way, so reluctantly I pulled myself together and headed of to Atlanta in April.

When I arrived, I received a welcome like nothing I’d ever encountered. Everyone was kind, supportive, and more welcoming of me and interested in the things I had to say. I learned so much, not only about the business I was working in support of, but also about myself and the power that I had to change and improve my life.

Over the next 6 months, I was able to quit my “day job” and start working from home full time. I now have more clients, a couple even from other countries, and am developing plans to help even more folks. I had an even better time at the second Faffcon last September, and felt like it kicked things up a notch. I met some amazing new friends, and have honestly never been happier or more excited about the direction my life is going. I have a lot of wonderful voiceover friends, all of whom have enriched my life in one way or another.

So thank you Dad and Amy. Thank you Faffers. You’ve had a wonderful impact on my life. Keep on Faffin! 🙂

Even though he’s mentioned in this post frequently, my Dad is also the inspiration for next week’s post!


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