Your Coach Didn’t Tell You This

I wanted to share the single biggest thing that I see lacking in discussions of “what do I need to get into voiceover?”. It’s also lacking when I read the advertisements of coaches and workshops. I’m not saying that no one discusses this, but the information is not discussed as often as it should be.

What is this I’m referring to? Very simple: Learn how to record quality audio. You may have a voice more resonant and commanding than James Earl Jones, or as smoky and versatile as Melissa Disney, but you’re not going to get hired repeatedly if your audio is bad. Learn what your voice does. Do you have a mouth click? Figure out how to minimize or eliminate it. Is your mouth dry? Stop drinking coffee and start drinking water. Is your heat or air on in the background? Turn it off before you record! If you’re not that familiar with the ins and outs of your equipment, get to know someone who is. Dan Friedman , Dan Lenard, or George Whittiam are all guys who really know tons about recording equipment. They know what can go wrong with it, and things you can do to make yourself sound better.

Don’t let lack of knowledge stop you. Educate yourself, and most importantly, listen to yourself. Learn how to identify the ins and outs of your voice. Voiceover is much more than a great coach, a microphone, and your computer. Don’t let these little things cost you your next paying gig or repeat client!

Selling, selling, selling a bit too much is the topic for next week’s blog!



  1. Randye Kaye says:

    Karen – so true!!!!

    I have VO students who think they are demo-ready – and yet can’t even record on Audacity yet. You are not demo-ready until you are work-ready — and that takes those tech skills in the current VO world, almost without exception!

    the guys you recommend are terrific resources.
    I like your blog!

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