Faffcon is coming!

I’ve written about Faffcon a lot. (more than once!) When you go, you can’t help but do so. You may have missed the very small window in which the conference was open for sign up (7 hours this time!) or got stuck on the wait list, but I promise you this something you want to keep trying to go to. This October’s conference is in Charlotte, NC, and it rotates through different cities across the country. Faffcon is a truly unique experience that is different every time, and valuable in every iteration. Although I am not a VO, there is so much creativity and positive energy at every Faffcon that I always come home with pages of notes and ideas. I urge you to sign up for the mailing list, and like the Facebook page to keep up with what’s going on for this and the next one. The single most important thing I’ve learned from Faffcon is to never stop seeking out opportunities to learn and grow, and this, my friends, is a most excellent one.

Next week I’ll be talking starting to discuss the world’s biggest microblogging site, Twitter.


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