Faffcon Diary: Part 1

I have been jokingly referred to as ‘the Herald of Faffcon‘. (I don’t know why that could be.) But, to continue the tradition, for this Faffcon, I decided to do something a little different for my blog. Since this one was very close to home for me, I ended up having a 5 day long event of helping, and the event itself. So, I decided to keep a journal of sorts of my impressions for each day that I was there. Sort of a ‘behind the scenes’ peek into things, and a different perspective on events. I’m going to begin today with my impressions from my first day, Wednesday, October 10th.

Faffcon Day 1 Impressions:
I took a bus into the city, and couldn’t wait to arrive. All morning I was pacing around my house waiting to go downtown and get started. I love the reception I get, how happy Amy and Lauren are to see me. It’s great to get down to business right away, and to know that I’m helping to make the machinery of Faffcon work. I’ve always liked being ‘behind the scenes’, and this is such a positive way to do so. It’s interesting to see how things start out very calm and quiet, and then as people begin to trickle in, things start to shift into a higher gear. It shows the thing that makes Faffcon so unique is the people- the people give it energy and life, and create an atmosphere of creativity and real power. And of course none of this could happen without Amy Snively and Lauren McCullough. I have a theatre background, and to me things naturally fit into that lens–I think of Amy as the Director, and Lauren as the Stage Manager–but the truth is that the two ladies manage to function as an amazing synergistic whole. They are the fundamental vehicle by which Faffcon happens, and it is an honor and a privilege to assist both of them. I remember noticing that things were going very smoothly. We have always gotten everything done that needed to be done at Faffcon, but there was an ease and a relaxation to the preparations even at that early date that was quite clear. It was great to see my family when they arrived later that night, and I was tired but pleased with how much had gotten done. It was a little sad to leave, even though I would be back the following morning, since it was kind of a break in my Faffcon experience. I went to bed that night excited for the next day, and looking forward to jumping into work the next day.

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  1. Donna Postel says:

    I’m so glad you’re sharing this, Karen (er- Herald)! It helps soften the (self-inflicted) blow of not being there this time. All the best to you, Donna

    • KSouer says:

      Thank you Donna! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I thought people might find a staff ‘point of view’ kind of interesting. I hope we see you in San Antonio! 🙂

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