Faffcon Diary: Part 2

I have been jokingly referred to as ‘the Herald of Faffcon‘. (I don’t know why that could be.) But, to continue the tradition, for this past Faffcon, I decided to do something a little different for my blog. Since this one was very close to home for me, I ended up having a 5 day long event of helping, and the event itself. So, I decided to keep a journal of sorts of my impressions for each day that I was there. Sort of a ‘behind the scenes’ peek into things, and a different perspective on events. I’m going to continue today with my impressions from Thursday, October 11th.

Faffcon Day 2 Impressions:
People have begun to arrive, and the tasks start to speed by. I was astonished to see how well and quickly things were done. At Faffcon, things have always gotten done when they needed to, but in some cases there has been kind of a last minute craziness to things. this has been reduced to an unbelievable extent. There have often been comments and jokes that things are going “too well”. But they continue apace, and in the evening, many more Faffers have arrived. We staff had a dinner where we talked and discussed our plans for the weekend.

Amy thanked all of us for our individual efforts, presenting us with a small gift as a thank you. She also reminded us that those of us who work the registration tables are often the first faces people see, so it was important to be sure we were smiling and cheerful! We also discussed the amazing phenomenon of Faffcon, in that people arrive early just to hang out with one another, and stay late to do the same! What a beautiful thing that the efforts of all of us have created. After the staff dinner, we joined the other Faffers, and all moved over to a nearby bar for some community drinking practice. The hotel was an amazing location, right next to a shopping area with many restaurants, and convenience stores. And of course, as important for every Faffcon, establishments serving alcoholic beverages. I got to hug several old friends, which is always one of my favorite parts of Faffcon, and to meet a few new people. On a personal level, it’s interesting to me that I’m having to introduce myself as ‘Bob Souer’s Daughter’ less often as time goes on. When I first went to Faffcon 2, no one knew who I was, and I had to use my Dad’s name to establish myself in context in people’s minds. Now that is not as necessary, which is a nice thing to be creating my own place in the community. As the evening ended for me, I found myself wishing again that I’d chosen to stay at the hotel for the entire time I was there. It’s always nice to sleep in your own bed, of course, but I was a little sad to leave everyone for the first and last days of my stay there. Ah well, hindsight, right?

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