Faffcon Diary: Part 3

I have been jokingly referred to as ‘the Herald of Faffcon‘. (I don’t know why that could be.) But, to continue the tradition, for this past Faffcon, I decided to do something a little different for my blog. Since this one was very close to home for me, I ended up having a 5 day long event of helping, and the event itself. So, I decided to keep a journal of sorts of my impressions for each day that I was there. Sort of a ‘behind the scenes’ peek into things, and a different perspective on events. Today continues with my impressions from Friday, October 12th, and the first official day of the event.

Faffcon Day 3 Impressions:
This was the first day I stayed at the hotel, and it was nice to begin feeling like I was part of the event in that way. Everything was going so well, we had things set up well ahead of time. I was assigned to hand out t-shirts and water bottles, which was a new station for me. All the staff were so excited to get started, and to see all of our friends arriving that day. It’s funny how many people I registered only after running to give them a hug. There were some Faffers who hadn’t been in several events, so it was especially nice to see those people. I did not participate in the field trip, (I chose not to go so someone else didn’t have to cover late registration.) but I was able to see some good friends who were late arrivals. Our restaurant was a fun place to eat, and I always enjoy the initial dinners seeing old friends and meeting new people and making them feel welcome. A new Faffcon innovation has been to have our initial circle on Friday night, rather than early Saturday morning to allow a greater number of overall sessions. Amy always makes everyone laugh and feel welcome. We also wrote down session ideas at this time as well, to make scheduling easier. I put up a card to lead a session which is not anything I have done before, but for my Faff-family I will venture outside my comfort zone. I had thought of a good topic, something that a lot of VO people don’t know or use properly, and wanted to present my thoughts. The night ended with Karaoke which is always a big hit with our group. We have some amazing singers, and to my surprise we also have some very talented dancers as well! The DJ interspersed a couple of dance numbers with the singing, and there were a lot of people who showed off some moves as well. My brother Eric Souer also sang for the first time at a Faffcon, which made me really happy. I have been urging him to sing since Faffcon 3! People always ask me why I don’t sing Karaoke…I reply with the fact that I don’t want to follow the acts of my father, mother, and two brothers all of whom are very talented! I pooped out after hearing Eric sing, but there were a number of people who continued until after 1am. I knew I needed to be at least somewhat coherent to lead a session the next day. No matter how tired I am though, I always have a hard time getting to sleep at a Faffcon because I am always so excited to be there and be involved.

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