Faffcon Diary: Part 4

I have been jokingly referred to as ‘the Herald of Faffcon‘. (I don’t know why that could be.) But, to continue the tradition, for this past Faffcon, I decided to do something a little different for my blog. Since this one was very close to home for me, I ended up having a 5 day long event of helping, and the event itself. So, I decided to keep a journal of sorts of my impressions for each day that I was there. Sort of a ‘behind the scenes’ peek into things, and a different perspective on events. Now we get down to the ‘meat’ of the event, Saturday October 13th.

Faffcon Day 4 Impressions:
Today we get down to the meat of the conference-the sessions. Lauren McCullough puts it well saying that, the conversation is the content of Faffcon. Sessions aren’t just one person presenting, they are generally group discussions where everyone shares thoughts, ideas, and questions. The funny part is we could easily have Faffcon for a week, there is so much information and sharing going on. (I don’t think our businesses or livers would take that well though.) I love how much is always going on and how many things there are to learn. Even though I don’t do voiceover, I always learn new things about my client base, which can only help me do my job better. I ran my session, and although I had kind of a slow start, I felt like I had a good conversation even when it was only a few people. When I had about 20 minutes left, quite a few people joined me, and the conversation got a good bit more lively. (My talk will be another post for anyone who missed my session, or wants to read a written version of what I talked about.) One of the best things about sessions happened in mine-the question of putting up your phone number came up, and I answered with some information that I knew, and then another person brought up an alternate idea that I didn’t even know existed. The various perspectives offered by Faffers is an amazing wellspring of information. I was truly honored when Amy joined my session for about 30 seconds. This is a tremendous mark of distinction, as I think that’s the longest I have ever seen her join one! (She actually got to lead a session on Sunday, something totally new for her!) The remainder of the day was filled with much more learning and laughter. We also gave out prizes, including four free hours of my time. There were also the traditional group photographs, in which we all always get much closer to one another. (It’s hard to fit over 100 people in a photo!) A while later, I went to visit the live recording of the Voice Over Cafe, and to my surprise found myself called up for an interview! Despite being caught a little flat footed, I think I managed to acquit myself fairly well. Later that night, I found myself oddly getting interested in a Yankees game. I don’t normally follow sports, but it was interesting to see how dramatic the whole okay we’re losing, oh no wait someone hit a home run and we have a chance, okay no wait we’re losing again saga went.

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  1. Tom Dheere says:

    You did a great job with the interview, Karen. Thanks for helping out!

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