Louanne Frederickson Interview

MyPhoto66122902Louanne and I met at Faffcon 3 in Hershey, PA and immediately started chatting since we are both professional editors. When I was thinking about this interview series, she immediately came to mind, and she and I had a great conversation!

1. How did you get started in audio editing?

I worked for Holdcom, a company that produces on hold messages, voice prompts and a variety of other audio.   I was one of two producers – we were responsible for recording talent in the studio and mixing vo with music for the on hold messages, file separating for large numbers of voice prompt files, etc.  Eventually, the talent began to work online and we started working with “virtual voices” – coming from a variety of different at-home recording situations, so the challenge became double checking their audio against the scripts, matching audio quality between a male and female VO who recorded in different places, etc.   I made quite a few friends and contacts with the online talent!

2. Is there a particular type of audio you prefer to work on?

I really enjoy the on-hold messages, because they are fun and entertaining, working with the music, etc. along with the voiceovers.  E-learning narratives can be interesting if the subject is appealing — I’m not a big fan of audiobook work, because I like to finish projects quickly.  I’d rather do a lot of smaller projects than one big one!

3. What led you to create your company “Moments in Media”?

When I moved to Pennsylvania, I had a few voiceover talent friends who were starting to send me freelance work, and I began working out of my house.  I created the website and business cards to legitimize the business, but the majority of my work has been through referrals from my voiceover clients.  I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of steady clients who have been awesome, referred me to others, and have allowed me to continue making a good living working at home!

4. Do you have a project that was a particular favorite?

I like to work on projects that have a creative aspect – writing, picking the music for background, etc. as opposed to just cleanup editing.  I’m very task-oriented – I prefer to work on projects that can be completed in a short period of time, rather than projects that go on for days or weeks.

5. Do you think outsourcing editing is a service that could benefit more voice talent?

I think most talent can spend their time more profitably by doing the voicing rather than editing their own work, if they can afford the extra help.  It’s nice to have a team aspect to what you are doing, and in this business of working at home, it does help to have another set of ears and eyes on what you are doing before the client receives the finished product.

As a post script, if you know anyone who you think would fit in to my ‘techie’ interview series please email me at [email protected] Also, you can check out previous interviews with Morgan Barhart of SociableBoost.com here, Dan Friedman here, Jeff Kafer here, Eric Souer here, George Whittam here, and Dylan Gamblin here.

Next week I’ll be sitting down with the mustachioed audio wizard himself, Dan Lenard.


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