A Virtual Assistant’s Diary

Many times, I’ve had a hard time explaining exactly what it is I do to people. The hardest part is the ‘virtual assistant’ tag, because it’s so many different things in the course of various projects that it’s hard for people to wrap their minds around exactly what that means. So I decided to keep a diary of what a typical day is like for me, so you can understand how I balance my day and the variety and complexity of the things that I work on.

So I get up at the sound of the alarm going off at 5am. I get dressed and go exercise by walking 2.5 miles and come back to shower and get started on my day. Today my to do list includes proofing an audiobook, social media posting for a client, editing some audio for another client, and doing my thrice weekly social media check in. On my celphone, I have a note writing app (Samsung Galaxy Note II) where I cross off items as I complete them. For my social media posting, my client has entrusted me with their usernames and passwords, and I follow our regular pattern, posting information that she sends me at certain times on certain networks. During the day, I get some emails related to an ongoing project where I schedule guests for an internet talk show in Japan, and I mark them on a Google Calendar and send emails for when the client wakes up. I visit all the voiceover groups that I am part of, skimming through the posts to keep up on what is going on in the voiceover community, and adding my thoughts and comments in any places I feel I have something to say, or congratulations when someone posts about a new project.

After editing and sending the files, I get to the proofing where I speed up the audio and listen through, noting down mistakes by highlighting and marking the .pdf I’ve received from the client. This particular client has requested green highlights to make them easier to see, so I change the color for the forthcoming chapters.

Later, I answer some more emails, replying to a request from a repeat client for me to proof another book for them. I knock off around 5, and have some dinner and relax, getting ready to head to bed around 9 so I can wake up and start the cycle again the next day.



  1. Busy, busy lady. You are good at it, too. I love working with you!! Keep up the good work.

  2. I thought of you the other day as I was posting an audiobook I just Published on Goodreads. Be a happy camper again when more money begins to flow in. Such a drag to narrate, produce, publish and market.

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