A Virtual Assistant’s Diary: Tom Test

thumb.phpThe controversy over the replacement for the oft derided ISDN service has been spoken of in many places, discussed on panels, and many folks are users of and proponents of Source Connect as a valid alternative.

Tom Test came to me with a data entry project of a unique nature. He wanted to market himself to studios that feature Source Connect, and to make this easier, he wanted me to put all of the English speaking Studios into his Batchbook for future mailings. The first task was to figure out how many entries this was-about 600-and to put them in Tom’s Source Connect contacts. After that came the straight data entry into the Batchbook. Unfortunately the Source Connect website doesn’t allow any kind of information export, or this task would have been much simpler and more straightforward. An amusing note for me was seeing the name of a number of talents I know go by as I worked my way through the list. I gave Tom updates as I worked my way through the list, and we discussed budget and how much he wanted to spend. (600 names doesn’t go by in no time, that’s for sure!)

After a couple days, I finished the work and reported into Tom. He was satisfied with my progress, and happy that he didn’t have to spend all that time himself with his busy schedule.


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  1. Tom was really smart to create that database of contacts AND to hire you for the data entry. Thanks for posting, Karen. I love hearing how other vo talents organize their business!

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