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And, We’re Back!

WereBackAt the end of November, I went on blog hiatus. I decided to do that because with the (now 2 years running) Seasonal Audiobook Rush I had no time to think of new posts, no energy to promote what I did have written, and was beginning to feel frustrated with that situation. Something had to give, so I gave myself a couple months off. I knew that by the time the new year rolled around I would have had enough space to regain my creative energy and write again.

So, I’m back! I have some new things to talk about this year. In coming weeks I’ll be writing about your resolutions and the fantastic opportunities this new year affords you for your business and personal life. During the holiday I wrote some new articles, trying to come at things not only in terms of a renewed perspective for the advice I give, but also for my own business and personal life. I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday with whomever and however you chose to spend it, and here’s to an amazing and bright new year for us all!


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