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A Better Resolution

fatWe’ve all made resolutions with the New Year. Many times these have had to do with things like waistlines and ‘eating better’. Perhaps you’ve wanted to ‘be more organized’. The problem with the standard resolutions is twofold. They’re generally rather vague–how are you going to be more organized? and we say some of the worst possible words when we utter those resolutions.

“I’m going to…” (fill in the blank.)

If you’re wondering why those words are the worst, it’s because of what you’re setting yourself up for. By saying you’re going to do something, you’re putting the task in the future, and therefore taking direct pressure off of yourself. It’s so much easier to put off, and keep putting off things that are in the future. Today is always busy, and tomorrows just keep coming. We feel less guilty when we look at how busy our lives are, and just keep sliding that task another day, another week, or sometimes just ‘soon’ further down the calendar.

This year, do it differently. First, make a plan. Write out steps, and make them as specific as you possibly can. And don’t do it tomorrow-do it today, do it right now. Don’t wait to make your life and your business better.

For me, this year is going to encompass a variety of goals including some things which I’ll keep a mystery since I want to write about them later!-but things like improving my workflow, (via a better scheduling system and creating business partnerships) maintaining motivation, (by actually taking-gasp!-time off!) and broadening my reach as a writer and an artist. (I am working on painting and writing to use in a non-voiceover related business idea.)

Make your resolution to do it now, to not put off one more day whatever that change is to make things better. Don’t let another year go by and your goals to grow dusty on the shelf. Make a better resolution, and prove to yourself just how much you’re capable of.


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