Blogger Profile: Dave Courvoisier

courvo logoColloquially known as CourVO, Dave’s Voice Acting in Vegas blog is one of the go to institutions in our community. He has been writing (prolifically) since January of 2008, and I can’t count the number of times that I’ve seen or heard people referring to something they’ve read or learned about via his writing. He discusses tech products, the industry in general, and often social media on his blog.

Dave does social media curating in a, and has written (at a recent count) 2,317 blog posts. He’s going to publish a ‘best of’ trilogy for the mass of advice, tips, tech, and thoughts he’s written, and he’s also a weekly evening news anchor on a CBS station in Las Vegas. Oh, and his blog has an app as well! I met Dave at Faffcon a while back, and have followed his blog and social media work with interest since shortly thereafter.

Dave, Trish Basanyi, and Terry Daniel, have appeared a few different times as a social media triumvirate, discussing their different areas of expertise, and how best to apply these tools to your voice over career.

Dave is one to keep reading! He’s always got something insightful to say.


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