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Marc ScottI stumbled across Marc on Twitter a while back and began reading his blog. I was impressed with his insight and sound advice immediately, and was happy to add him into my ‘content sharing’ stable. (Folks I trust to give good, solid advice that isn’t sales related, and isn’t from a negative perspective.) His blog covers a lot of areas, attitude related advice, business tips, and elements of his own life. I find the cheerful, helpful attitude projected in his writing to be both refreshing and a nice uplift when I read him. It’s easy to get cynical and jaded in this business, but Marc doesn’t fall prey to this. He’s also very polite and nice to talk to in the 140 character format as well. 🙂

He’s a volunteer firefighter in addition to his full time voice over work, and I discovered by reading his bio that we also have a love of DeWalt tools in common. (I used to build sets for the theatre, and I do miss my tools sometimes. :)) He posts often-he’s been posting since 2009, and frequently since 2012-and is active on social media. I recommend his writing to anyone looking to learn or just to get a different perspective on our industry. It never ceases to amaze me the great resources and perspectives that are out there for any talent, and Marc is one of those people.


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  1. Linda Coelli says:

    He is a great person and blogger, just as you are! I’m happy to have the opportunity to read your blog every week! Regards from Brazil.

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