Blogger Profile: Recap

Hey folks! Let's RecapA few weeks ago I started a series of profiles on my fellow voice over bloggers. There are quite a few of us, coming from a good variety of perspectives, and I think it’s important to see the plethora of advice, tips, tricks, and good sense that is put out by these folks on their blogs. I had to interrupt this series because of a couple other posts I wanted to get our right away, but now I wanted to go over the folks that I’ve covered already and discuss next week’s profile. So far I’ve touched on:

Bob Souer

Derek Chapell

Dave Courvoisier

Marc Scott


Randye Kaye

Next week I’m going to be discussing Paul Strikwerda, of the Nethervoice blog. Paul was one of the first people to give me advice about blogging, and his writing has been a source of inspiration and discussion for many voice talent.


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