Blogger Profile: Heather Costa

HeatherCostaHeadshotPhoto2I was lucky enough to meet Heather and her husband at one of the NYC Voice over Mixers hosted by Voice Talent Productions. Both of them were super nice, and I enjoyed our conversation immensely. Later, I got to see her again at Faffcon 6 in San Antonio. Heather hasn’t been blogging long–just since November of 2013–but each of her posts has been smart, sharp, to the point and with awesome tips and thoughts in each one. Her posts range from tips and thoughts on social media use–particularly twitter–to life as a working Mom, and the legion of things involved with that. Her latest post is about networking and is full of great tips, resources and details for what conferences and learning opportunities are out there, and definitely worth a read.

She’s one of those folks who doesn’t post every day, but her blog is amply worth either checking back to regularly or subscribing to so you can catch it whenever she updates.


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