Blogger Profile: Peter O’Connell

artworks-000011353896-xfzwnn-cropPeter O’Connell’s Voxmarketising is a great example of the saying, write what you know. In the community of voice talent that I know, Peter is acknowledged to be one of those guys who just ‘knows’ marketing, how to sell yourself, and that is in fact what he does for a living (in addition to being a voice talent, of course.)

I met Peter several Faffcons ago, and I was instantly impressed by his energy, enthusiasm, and robust sense of humor, not to mention his knowledge base in his chosen career. He and I have worked together before–he was in fact one of the first people to hire me, and he’s as nice to work for as you can possibly imagine.

He’s been blogging for a long time, since May of 2005, and has authored many posts that are useful and informative reading. One of my personal favorites was his 5 Questions for a Professional Voice Talent series that highlighted the stories from all kinds of voice actors, and is an interesting read for anyone who wants to get to know the others in this business.

In short, Peter is always worth a read, and I highly recommend his blog!


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