Top Secret Sneak Peek

Top SecretLadies and gentlemen, I have a secret. I am doing the background work for a brand new service I want to offer to voice talent.

What is this service, you’re probably asking? Well, I thought about the single most common question voice talent ask me–Karen, how should we organize our voice over businesses? What tips or strategies do you have for us?

And I’ve struggled with the answer, because there really isn’t one that I can give to everyone. What works for one person who is a single guy living alone probably won’t work for the part time VO who does his gigs at night after his job when his kids are asleep. Or the mom who has to squeeze spots in between naps, TV shows, and school hours.

Then there’s learning! Everyone learns and arranges, plans and organizes in different ways. One person makes notes on their iPad, another has to have a pen and paper. Someone loves their calendar and to-do list, someone else gets very overwhelmed at the very idea of a list of all the things they haven’t done.

Last, but not least, of course there’s your work! Not only do you folks talk into the microphones all hours of the day and night, many of you do other things as well, so organizing has to fit around that stuff that actually makes you money.

But I think I finally have an answer! And once I finish my fine tuning you’ll hear more from me on how I can help you conquer those organizational hurdles with my own unique spin on things. I can’t wait to share it with you folks, so stay tuned!


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