Blog Rerun: Business Card Commandments

Standart_Business_Card_2x3.5_front1Week 3 of my Blog rerun. I want to thank all my readers for their patience while I move, and I hope you’re enjoying these oldie-but-goodies!

In the past couple years since starting this business of mine, I’ve come across a lot of business cards. Many of them are great at getting their message across, at tying into that all important first face to face impression. Some, well, aren’t.

1. Your business card needs to be readable.

This includes both the type of font you use, font size, and also importantly, font color. Looking pretty or cool is far less important than simple readability. I’ve encountered quite a few cards that either made me wish my contacts were a stronger prescription, or made me turn the card in all directions, trying to figure out what it says.

2. A little goes a long way.

When the reason your font is so tiny is because of the amount of text you put on there, you have a problem. This also includes pictures and graphics. Simple and clean always looks better than crowded and eye-overwhelming.

3. Put it all on there!

I’ve encountered cards without an email address! That one boggles my mind. Yes the viewer can go to your website, and doubtless find it there, but in today’s four second attention span world, do you really want to chance them tossing you aside in favor of someone else?

4. Keep it professional.

If you have your own website (and if you don’t, why don’t you? You can read my thoughts on websites here.) why don’t you have an email address with that as the mail to? Yahoo? Hotmail? For heaven’s sake, AOL? These brand you as just one of the pack. Your name is unique. Vast mass herds of email sheep are not.

Most people put some kind of a link on there. This should NOT be your voice123 profile. Sites like WIX and allow you to make a free, reasonably clean looking page with a minimum of effort. You can have a logo or photo, your contact info, and links to your demos, and have something a lot better looking than something that goes through another site before it gets to you. You want to lead seekers directly to you, not through someone else.

5. Are you in shape?

I know that you want to stand out from the pack. But personally, when I’m putting cards in my holder or in my pocket, the last thing I want is one that’s an odd shape, sticks out, or is hard to fit in in some other way. I’m not talking about card stock here, but short, long, large cards. Plus, making them smaller makes it hard to fit that all important contact information on there, and makes them much easier to lose.


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