Faffcon 7 Retrospective

faffcon-logo-compact.gifFaffcon 7 was in Tuscon, Arizona from September 18-22nd. Personally, I have been to all but the first event, and I’ve written about the event a dozen times before.

The reason that I keep writing about the event is the same however: People don’t really understand why Faffcon is so important. They don’t understand why it’s valuable for everyone who attends, and since it’s such an organic event, each experience is different and worthwhile.

There are loads of Voiceover events, ranging from the bog standard meetup all the way up to shiny conferences hosted by people one can call ‘famous’, or at least are such in our industry. Most of them are in the ‘conference’ format, where you pay to listen to an expert talk about something that is listed on an agenda beforehand. Faffcon is an unconference, where the agenda and topics are all selected onsite by the attendees. There’s no selling, no product placement, no big names with courses that they want you to buy. It’s information sharing, individual expertise sharing, and it is (according to many testimonials I have both heard and read) career changing. There are three reasons I feel this event is so important.

Why is an unconference so exciting? So different and worthwhile? Because you never know what you will learn or what you will teach. I have seen expert top level pro folks who were startled and surprised by what they learned while at the event. A ‘golden nugget’, an angle of view or perspective, an idea that they would have never considered. I’ve seen the most raw beginner (still a working pro, as that is the conference requirement, but someone who feels as though they are a beginner nonetheless!) have more to teach than they ever thought they would. I’ve seen those first timers and beginners stand up to teach a class and the light in their eyes when they recall how that made them feel afterwards.

The second part of why this event is so important is the above mentioned pro requirement. Many of the other conferences that exist have content that, while worthwhile, may not answer all the questions that someone who’s been in the industry for a while might have. Faffcon is a place to ask and be answered.

And last is the community of friends and family that has developed from these events. Amy and Lauren have created something that is truly unique, truly special, and a wonderful powerful community of voice talent and associated persons. When you’re at Faffcon, you are in a place that’s safe enough to relate your greatest triumphs, and your worst fears. We leave our egos at the door, and in an industry that requires such isolation, we are truly together in a way that we aren’t anywhere else. People have started wonderful friendships at these events. I have seen people cry out their fears and dance to the Cupid Shuffle.

There are only three of these events left! Don’t miss out on the next one. More than career changing learning and teaching, you may miss out on a friendship that could change everything.



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