Social Media Milestones, What Next?

rulerThere have been thousands of pages, reams of articles, and loads of studies done on what Social Media means in the business world. From everything I’ve read, the conclusions basically run to: Yes, Social Media can really help or hurt your business. How do we measure it? Well, that’s not so easy.

Recently, I managed to hit over 2000 followers on Twitter. I’ve been on that site since 2011, tweeting and retweeting things that I find interesting, informative, or funny for the voice over community. I’ll have to admit that achieving this number made me feel pretty good. Twitter followers are a nice, measurable statistic. It was a similar feeling to reaching the level cap in my favorite RPG game. I felt confident, cool, “I got this.”

Then I wandered over to Facebook. I’m working on gathering some unscientific statistics for another article, and sadly, I had lost my question in the pile of group posts since it had been a few days since I’d asked it. Now, after a moments fretting and trying a few things to find my post, I spotted a little search icon in the upper right hand part of the group. Clicking it, I typed in my name, and sure enough, there was my post.

What do I take from this? Rather a fundamental lesson that I’ve been reminded of many times before-don’t assume you know everything. Don’t stop learning, and don’t get comfortable. It’s very easy to miss a simple (hello, search bar, duh!) solution to your problem that you might not see due to a flaw in your perspective. Not only has this proven true in my personal life, but also particularly in my work life–the field of what we do never stops changing! What could you be missing because you think ‘you’ve got this?’


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