Stuffing Your Voice

holiday-eatingHoliday eating and drinking is pretty universal. Most of us stuff ourselves in the presence of friends and family and indulge on New Year’s Eve. Now, this is not a bad thing, but when you’re sitting down to the table, think of your voice! Of course you do this often anyway, but we all get last minute jobs, even over the holidays, and if you rein it in a little, you can perhaps improve the quality of your auditions, reads, and anything else voice related during that time.

When thinking about health and holidays, I decided to seek some wisdom from Dr. Ann S. Utterback, the well known voice doctor. She writes an informative blog on how to keep your voice healthy, and I’ve found her to be both a very nice person and a highly important perspective for delivering your best vocal product. She says, in regards to holiday eating:

“We all know sugar cookies and eggnog put on pounds, but there is another culprit during the holidays, and that’s salt.  Salt causes the body to retain fluid.  Couple that with the weight gain most of us will have in the coming month, and you’ve got that stuffed feeling that saps your energy and makes it harder to breathe with the diaphragm.  So as much as you love those salty party snacks and Bloody Marys, remember to keep tabs on your salt intake.”
So when you’re sitting down at the table, pause for a moment of thought while you fill your plate. Your voice health is important year round, and a little restraint may help you keep your quality higher even during the busy holiday season.

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