Telling People What I Do

Confused-woman16One of the biggest struggles I have had in creating my business is explaining to people what exactly I can do for them. Since I came up with the idea for this without a lot of thought ahead of time–boy have I learned a lot!–when I first started to get asked what I could do I gave a lot of vague, fractured explanations, and got a lot of confused looks. I do a lot of editing, but the whole ‘virtual assistant’ idea isn’t unique to me, but isn’t very common. Most people who use someone to help with their clerical work use someone local, a friend/spouse/kid, or something of that nature.The reason for this, I think is the need for a trust bond. It’s harder to trust someone you don’t know. And getting a diffused explanation doesn’t help either. I think this probably cost me some work at first.

I’ve tried to help in the past by writing a ‘diary‘ of sorts where I would detail different jobs I did and try to help give people ideas. This was kind of an intermediate step for me-I followed it with simplifying and clarifying the language on my services page. But now, when people ask me I have a shorter and simpler explanation, and I find that it helps me connect with people better.

What does this have to do with voiceover? If there’s one thing I hear and read constantly, it’s to learn what you can do, and do it well. Many talent try to be a ‘jack of all trades’ when first starting out, and it can mean that you don’t have a polished sound in any arena. It’s awesome to branch out, but have some strong areas to start from first. It sure helped me when I did.


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