Book Review: The Voice Over Entrance Exam

artworks-000011353896-xfzwnn-cropPeter K. O’Connell is a person with a lot of marketing know how. He has a background in that discipline, and has well married that with his voice over career. The book I’m writing about is not new-it came out in 2009, but perhaps you’ll forgive me for being a little late to the party when you think about how useful it could be to you. (Grab a download here.)

The book is fairly short, only 53 pages, but The Voice Over Entrance exam covers some unique territory in that span. Most voice over books take it for granted that you should be doing voice over. That if you’re there, and putting effort in, than there’s no reason you shouldn’t continue. In Peter’s book, this is one of the first topics covered. In no way is the writing mean or negative, it’s merely clear and factual. If you want to do this, here are the realities of the business you’re considering.

We’ve all seen the herd of passionate and interested souls who want to get into voice over. I think I see a couple stories a week of someone who got approached by a clueless newbie, or see someone do the approaching in a public forum. People even approach me once in a while! If you’re reading this, you should read his ebook. It’s free. If you’re a voice talent reading this, you should download it regardless. Why? It makes a great thing to send to those people who approach you! I know I’m keeping it on my computer for that purpose. (With all credits to Peter for writing it, of course!) It’s going to save me some time and effort-this way I don’t have to put a lot of thought and care into an email-I can just point them to this ebook as a great place to start, particularly since Peter finishes the book with several resources to check out for more information.

In short, new talent or established, this is a useful (free) resource to have!


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