Pulling the Trigger: Defining The Need

triggerHow do you know what you want for your career? Well, most people start out with something along the lines of ‘I want to be more organized.’ That’s super broad, and it’s a recipe for failure for the majority of folks. Why? Because there’s no place to start, no handle to give you something to work towards, and is something that might make you feel good to say, but won’t really get you anywhere. The most important two things to improve any area of your life are:


  1. Action
  2. Break it down

I’m going to cover the second one first. Define your need. Think about specifics. Don’t think about organization, WHAT needs to be organized? Is your office a mess? Is your invoicing terrible? Do you market enough to have steady work? Do you need to learn how to cold call? What class do you keep meaning to take? Make it small. Reachable, doable, something that is easy to define. Basically, the more easily you can think of exactly what you need to do, the better the goal is.

It’s easy to think of what you want out of life in terms of great sweeping categories. If you ever want to get any of those things done, quit that right now. When you sit there with the thing you just can’t do-break it down. Change your perspective a little, figure out what small step you can do first. Then go on to the next, and the next, and so on. Maybe doing something in a different way will be easier for you. Don’t let your usual habits stop you from finding a better way.

And that brings me back to the first element of my short list. Action. Make your list of items that you can easily do, and then do them. I’ll cover this in more detail in the next blog, linked here. And the previous one is here!






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