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thank you noteI want to take a moment and publicly thank all of the many people whose advice and thoughts have contributed to this blog. Many of my thoughts and ideas are personally spun iterations of common topics-we all deal with the same issues, and it does no harm for there to be more helpful literature out there. I hope that my take on things has been useful or educational to my readers-that’s my goal here. I want to continue to do so for years to come. 🙂

If I were to list every single person, this would be an awfully long post! Anyone who doesn’t get a personal mention rates no less thanks from me-these are just a small selection, in no particular order.

Misty Ellis- my best friend, and the subject of the post What Starbucks Taught Me About Customer Service, you always have a good thought or insight on things, and your customer service and dedication to what you do are amazing, as always.

Lauren McCullough & Talmadge Ragan– you guys were two of the folks who encouraged me to start writing this in the first place, thank you!

Bob Souer– Where would this list be without my Dad? He’s often given me ideas, direction, and writing advice. It’d be a different blog without him.

Paul Strikwerda– At Faffcon 3 where I got the inspiration to start this blog, Paul gave me a lot of thoughtful advice on direction, overarching goals, and a lot of his time in order to do so. 🙂 He continues to be one of my favorite content providers, and an interesting and thought provoking writer.

Derek Chappell– I met Derek at Faffcon 2, and we have since shared a lot of social media interaction. He is a great person to follow on social media, as he makes a point to share and retweet helpful content. I often seek him out when looking for good content to share, or for thoughtful inspiration for my own writing.

Amy Snively– Well, as most know, Amy created Faffcon. Without Faffcon, not only would this blog, but my business would not exist. She’s been a wonderful and caring friend since the first time we met, and has offered me tremendous encouragement and help in many areas.


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