Book Review: Voices of Experience

VOTEbookHardBackCover1Doug Turkel is the author and compiler of this wonderful (free) ebook. It’s not new, it came out in 2012, but I recommend grabbing a download for some interesting reading. One of the most regular things I see on social media is people seeking the thoughts and advice of the ‘pros’. They want to know what other people are doing, what mic, preamp, DAW, cables, coach, or any one of a million things they are using or otherwise doing. This is totally understandable-I often wish for more people in my particular niche to compare notes with! 🙂

Looking through these pages, you can see dozens of fascinating stories from people who ended up in the industry from all walks of life. They all have different answers to Doug’s questions, and there’s a million “golden nuggets” sprinkled across those pages. Numerous luminaries such as Harlan Hogan and Bob Bergen have contributed their stories. Personally, I find it fascinating to read the sheer diversity of backgrounds involved in getting into this business-people have done just about everything before they did voice over!

Since the range of responses in the book is so varied, it’s a little difficult to sum up, but Doug has asked questions about people’s backgrounds, their likes and dislikes of the job, advice on agents, business advice, and humorous stories from their careers. I think it’s an interesting and informative read, plus offering good insight into people from the top echelons of the business.


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