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faqThe constant inundation of new persons to the voice over industry means that there are certain questions that are asked many times on many platforms. I’m going to touch on three of the most common questions that I see, and link to some useful resources for the newbie. I should add though, that my answers are with hearty thanks to all the pros I have met and learned from in the last several years.

1. What mic/gear should I use?

Although there are a number of things that are common or standard, the answer to this question is pretty individual. Different mics have different sounds with individual voices. Doing some research, knowing the sound you produce, and having above all–a well treated room!–will get you in the right place here. I see a lot of people worry a great deal about specific gear sets, but speaking as an editor, I’d rather have a lower end mic in a great sounding room than a high end in an echo chamber!

2. What coach should I study with?

There are many, many coaches, and some of them are people who will promise you everything and just take your money. Some well known and regarded names are Pat Fraley, Nancy Wolfson, Marice Tobias, Terry Daniel, and Marc Cashman. Everyone you ask will have a different answer as to whom you should study with, but a useful metric is to look at a particular coaches’ students. How well are they doing? What kind of work do they engage in? If it’s obvious that they are getting and maintaining work, it’s a good point in the particular coaches’ favor.

3. P2P’s/How do I get work?

Now this is another tough one, and a highly individual answer. A lot of people I know start on the Pay to Play, or P2P sites. They are a viable way to get work, although they suffer from consistent low-balling, and the inevitable fact that the site itself is intended for someone else to make money. The single greatest thing I think a professional can do to help their career? Networking. Learn how to talk to people, whether potential clients or other folks in the business. I see too many people on a daily basis throwing negative slush in all directions, and never considering who might be reading it.

Useful Links:

Voice over entrance exam, Bill Dewees Youtube Videos, EWABS Show, Edge Studio both website and Youtube, Marc Scott’s Blog, Dave Courvo, Bob Souer, Voices of experience, Making Money in your PJ’s, More than Just a Voice, Nethervoice, Derek Chapell, Sound Advice, and many, many more!


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