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Archive Thursdays: Website Don’ts


Hello folks! This week’s archive post originally ran April 18th, 2012. Hope you enjoy!

These are a few things that I’ve seen on various VO talent’s websites all across the web. This list comes from all types of talent. Remember, your site is not a fire and forget kind of marketing. This is an encapsulated representation of you for everyone to see.

-Make your contact info easy to find. If it’s hard to find, people will more than likely go somewhere else.

-Simplicity. Please the eye, don’t overload it. Be classy, not neon.

-Never ever auto play your demo. You will sound like those websites with an annoying talking ad. This will damage your critical first impression by associating your voice with irritation.

-Consider investing in a nice photo. It never hurts for your public “face” to look good. Some people will disagree with me, and its your choice, but if you do post a photo, make sure it’s not a blurry party shot.

-If you’re wanting to make a serious go of being a VO artist, have a website that is up to date and more than something on a P2P site. Even if you have a good stable client base now, you never know when someone with money in their pockets is going to come looking for you.

-If you haven’t updated your blog since 2008, consider its purpose on your site.

-If there’s a blog on your business website, it shouldn’t be written about a pet or good food.

-If I Google your name, or your name with the word voiceover, I should be able to find you. For some people, this is particularly hard if you have a common name, but you should at least be in the top 10 of the search results.

-Make sure your public email is one you check regularly, or at least that it forwards to one that you do.

-Be sure to have someone else read your blog posts. Spelling and usage errors do not make a good impression.

-Test your website on more than one browser. Different browsers can make things behave oddly, and you want to have a consistent image. Also having a mobile version of your site, even if it’s just a simple one, is a must for phone viewing.

To have a good online presence, you have to be aware of many things all at once. Hopefully we can all be more aware, and subsequently more successful.

And next week, I’ll be getting into a couple of vocal tips to clear up those pesky mouth noises.


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