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Deep in a Rut

rutsThe voice over industry has changed in recent years.


I read a lot of posts in voice over groups online, and there are some major themes that run throughout pretty much all of the discussions. I’ve written about that here.

But I’ve noticed that one of the major topics of discussion is how things have changed, and how there are some who want to move with the change, and others who want to arrest, define, or reshape the changes. I’m not going to get into what I think is good or bad about the industry, because that’s not the point of this article, and moreover, the a lot of the topics, (i.e: rates) are hugely divisive and can cause a lot of controversy. And moreover, my place in the industry doesn’t really give me the same kind of voice and stance that actual talent have.

The point of my article, however is the rut that I’ve seen some people in. There are people who can’t seem to understand that the methods and modes of working 20 years ago aren’t necessarily true today. Regardless of what you think of those changes, the reality is that they’ve happened, and it’s more productive to learn to adapt yourself to the truth of now, rather than to refuse to learn, or to complain about the state of things.

If things aren’t working for you, if you’re not getting as much work as you want, or your workflow isn’t, then change it. Don’t let the way things have always been for you trap you in a mindset that will make you unhappy. Things can change, even if all that changes is your perspective.


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