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Archive Thursday: 6 Questions for CheapVoiceovers

cheap voiceoverThis week’s Archive Thursday was originally posted on August 27th, 2014.

CheapVoiceovers originated on Twitter, and quickly garnered notice for their stellar marketing efforts and unique take on the voice over industry. As soon as I saw them, I just knew I had to find out more and so I got an interview! You can find them on Twitter as @CheapVoiceover

1. So tell us how CheapVoiceovers came to be?

Cheap Voiceovers was set up to highlight a side of the voiceover industry that’s overlooked. Those clients that blow all their budget on the production of the video and leave the voice til the end. It’s dedicated to clients that love to sacrifice quality and the reputation of the brand by settling for any old voice. It’s here for clients whose emails start…”we don’t have much budget”.

2. What made you decide to accept all levels of talent? Do you have any standards?

Standards? Nah, we’ll accept any old rubbish. Our clients don’t care. They are more than happy accepting a voice with no experience. They don’t care if the quality of the voice sounds like it’s been recorded in a toilet either. So, we’ll accept anyone that has a microphone and a computer. After all that’s what makes you a ‘professional voiceover’ right?? Great acoustics optional, a bit of bedroom reverb never killed anyone we’re sure. We love NOISE. We just turn the music track up to hide it.
3. What drives your pricing standards? The purchase of tea or a sandwich?

Pricing is pretty much decided on how much the voice over needs to pay for their shopping. Or maybe they were thinking of buying a cake on the way to their regular job the following morning. So, it can vary from 45p up to £12. Some of our voices have F*** all to do of an evening so the thought of being sat voicing a 9000 corporate video doesn’t phase them. They just get excited, that the following morning they’ll have money for a Latte before signing on. If a client says they have very little budget, we say, bring it on.

4. How would you respond to criticism of the talent you accept and the fees they collect?

Our talent is the finest we can find from the bottom of the barrel. These are people that just want to be given a chance. Our talent roster will be full of people that want to tell their friends that they are a professional voiceover. If your mum said you have a good voice then that’s a good enough testimonial for us. There will always be client and a voice ready to dumb down the industry and join us. Hey, why have your production represented with a credible voice with years of experience working with well known brands, when you can have a butcher or a mechanic with zero experience to represent your company for a fraction of the price?

5. How much is it to join?

It’s free to join. Just direct message us and we’ll give you a link to send in your demo. If it meets our strict criteria, ‘the 3 H’s’, Hum, Hiss and Hinterference, then we’ll add it to the site.

6. What is your long term goal with CheapVoiceovers?

Our long term goal is to be the worst we can be. There is always a market for the cream of the crap. FIVERR may have given the industry a shake allowing professional voiceovers to charge £5 / $5. But we think we can beat that. Come on Big Brands, come and ruin your fine work here!!!


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