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#Listen2aBook today!

Hello everyone! I want to depart from my usual schedule of posts and stop to highlight the amazing voiceover community once again, specifically audiobook narrators.

In my reading of social media groups, I came across a thread where Steven Jay Cohen suggested a twitter campaign to promote ‘favorite’ royalty share books on twitter and other platforms. I watched the thread unfold as people came together, and created a campaign that could benefit everyone, and drive sales to books that are under-appreciated.

I think this is an awesome idea-and it show how truly amazing the voiceover community can be. In what other industry can people come together independently to devise and agree to a mutually beneficial project? And moreover, by basing it around ‘favorite’ books, you’re not just trying to get money, but trying to share stories that you enjoyed telling. That’s another thing that makes this so interesting. We’re all bathed and steeped in sales campaigns of every kind every minute of the day, how wonderful is it to see people choosing to create something mutually beneficial?

So if you’re on twitter, check out the #Listen2aBook hashtag today for some audiobook hidden gems, and RT if you please!


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