What ever happened to Experts?

expertiseI’ve written many times about the changing nature of our industry, and how it’s important for each voice talent to find their own way, and create a life and work situation that fits them individually-that what works for someone else might not work for you.

But several things have come together recently to make me pause and take the time to draw a parallel point. I read an article a while back called The Death of Expertise, and it’s stuck in my head. Recently, this article has some together with my endless reading of social media and forums to trouble me.

There are lions in our industry that have been working for decades. Some of them are not with the modern era-refusing the acknowledge the changes in the industry-but many of them have risen to the challenge and are still making money and voicing lots of big ticket things that we all see or hear. But despite their wealth of knowledge, sometimes these people are seen as little more than carnival barkers with an opinion.

Obviously, it’s hard to know from words on a screen what’s going on behind the lines. It’s hard to know just how real or true what someone says is. But rather than quickly judging or condemning people, perhaps the wisdom is in trying to find out more about the person. People who seem arrogant or brash online can be kind and unassuming on the phone or in person. Someone who seems to be tooting their own horn from a post that you read might have something really valuable to offer. Other than time, what will it cost you to delay judgement and harsh words? What could it gain?


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