Archive Thursday: What an Assumption Made out of Me

assume1My Dad, Bob Souer is a voice talent. Somewhere along the way he home grew us (myself and my three brothers) into various kinds of help for his business. My father has (as all talent do) his share of mouth noise, and working in such a narrow environment led me to believe that his noise was the exception to the rule. Somehow, I grew to believe that there was such a thing as a perfect, noise free voice.

I was of course, way off base. Noise is normal, noise is part of voicing, and although there are measures one can take to reduce the problem before you get in front of the mic, nothing is perfect, and you simply (like many other things) have to develop measures to deal with it. I spent a lot of time being frustrated with voices, when I was really just running in circles. Eventually it dawned on me that what I was hearing was in fact, normal. (It was audiobook narrators that cured me of this.) The problem was squarely in my lap, and I was the one who needed to change.

Where am I going with this? Question your assumptions. Something that you’ve always believed to be true can easily be inhibiting you from…well, just about anything. In my case, it was inhibiting me from finding proactive ways to handle problems instead of just reacting to issues by being frustrated. No one needs more stress in their lives, and I can say that changing my perspective and getting rid of my assumption has helped me feel worlds better about what I do.

So think about it! What do you believe is true because it’s ‘always been that way’? Or because ‘everyone says so’? We all have those things, and it can be truly eye opening, and very freeing to realize that something that was inhibiting you truly no longer has to hold you back. At all.


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