Business vs. Personal

bvpI had a recent reminder of how sharp the divide between the business and the personal can be. A new client reached out to me, and we were speaking on the phone about an upcoming project. In the process of our discussion, I mentioned that I had done a few different types of work, and a few personal belief-related details. I thought nothing of it, and there were no hiccups in the conversation.

But after we hung up, I decided to friend her on Facebook. As I often do, I scanned down her page and read a little about her. To my surprise, I read several things that made me realize how close I had come to offending her. I don’t think she had a problem with what I said, nor do I think this particular incident is an issue, but it was a sharp reminder of how careful you need to be in a professional context.

For me, I have to be extra careful, because every voice actor that is my friend is also a potential client. For you, other voice actors are sources of referrals or perhaps professional recommendations. When we’re in person or on the phone, our community is so relaxed in many ways that it’s easy to slip and say more than you mean to. Online, it’s easy to react before you think and say something that can taint your reputation far wider than you can imagine. Clients, friends, colleagues all will see things you post, and it’s important to be aware of the divide, and what inattention can cost you.


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