New Beginnings

Happy New Year!

Although I checked in once recently here, I’ve not written regularly on this blog for a long time. Part of the reason for that was that I felt burned out, that I had run out of topics and purpose both. I knew that if I continued, I would begin to write the sort of fluff that permeates way too much of online voiceover writing.

So what could my purpose here be? I have thought a lot about what I could share that would be unique and interesting to my readers. I considered discussing organization, since that’s something we all could do better, but there is more than one fine teacher of that topic already. I thought about my experiences, since that seemed to be the most likely place to find something that was not well trod already in our community. I also refused to be the kind of person who writes half-informed on a topic and ends up sounding silly. There is more than one topic where I know some, but not enough to truly be an expert.

Then it occurred to me the number of people over the years I’ve been doing this that have asked me about outsourcing. They’ve either been confused about what I do, unsure of what to ask, and not sure what I needed to know to begin our projects together. Many people in the voiceover industry use outsourcing in one form or another, but there’s very little cohesive information or ideas on how to use someone, when you should, what you should pay and many other questions.

With the New Year, I thought it would be a great time to begin some new posts on that topic, and although I’m not giving myself a schedule to post on, I plan on writing regularly, and bringing in new related topics as ideas occur to me. I hope that you’ll enjoy reading what I have to say, and that it may answer some questions for you about how to expand your business in a new direction with this new year.

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