About Me

I was born 34 years ago in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, and grew up moving around to various places including Virginia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. From an early age I have always had a talent at organizing things and helping people keep track of details, which naturally flowed into being an Assistant Stage Manager in a variety of theatre productions. My father Bob Souer later recruited me to help him in his business as a voice talent. (Although I had lent my voice to a few commercials as a child.) In the spring of 2011, Dad suggested I attend this event called Faffcon with him, and take my assistant work to voice talent everywhere. Attending my first Faffcon was like opening a door–I was able to see how many wonderful people there are to work with and how amazing the voice over community is. I love my work-not only do I get the satisfaction of helping people, but I get to work with some of the best people in any business.

If you’d like to see or read about me in other places, you can find me on EWABS here, and on EWABS again for the Audibook Roundtable here, writing for the Voice Over Herald in an article here, for Voice Over Xtra in an article here, in the Just Because Podcast here (with Al Kessel), the Voices in My Head Podcast here (with Basil Sands), interviewed by the inestimable Voxy Ladies here, and on the Narration Fixation Podcast here.



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