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Blogger Profile: Peter O’Connell

artworks-000011353896-xfzwnn-cropPeter O’Connell’s Voxmarketising is a great example of the saying, write what you know. In the community of voice talent that I know, Peter is acknowledged to be one of those guys who just ‘knows’ marketing, how to sell yourself, and that is in fact what he does for a living (in addition to being a voice talent, of course.)

I met Peter several Faffcons ago, and I was instantly impressed by his energy, enthusiasm, and robust sense of humor, not to mention his knowledge base in his chosen career. He and I have worked together before–he was in fact one of the first people to hire me, and he’s as nice to work for as you can possibly imagine.

He’s been blogging for a long time, since May of 2005, and has authored many posts that are useful and informative reading. One of my personal favorites was his 5 Questions for a Professional Voice Talent series that highlighted the stories from all kinds of voice actors, and is an interesting read for anyone who wants to get to know the others in this business.

In short, Peter is always worth a read, and I highly recommend his blog!

Blogger Profile: Heather Costa

HeatherCostaHeadshotPhoto2I was lucky enough to meet Heather and her husband at one of the NYC Voice over Mixers hosted by Voice Talent Productions. Both of them were super nice, and I enjoyed our conversation immensely. Later, I got to see her again at Faffcon 6 in San Antonio. Heather hasn’t been blogging long–just since November of 2013–but each of her posts has been smart, sharp, to the point and with awesome tips and thoughts in each one. Her posts range from tips and thoughts on social media use–particularly twitter–to life as a working Mom, and the legion of things involved with that. Her latest post is about networking and is full of great tips, resources and details for what conferences and learning opportunities are out there, and definitely worth a read.

She’s one of those folks who doesn’t post every day, but her blog is amply worth either checking back to regularly or subscribing to so you can catch it whenever she updates.

Blogger Profile: Nethervoice

paul sOne of my first memories of Paul Strikwerda is the interesting Faffcon session he gave quite a while ago on blogging. He caught our attention right away, as he started the presentation in Dutch, making everyone say ‘huh’? unanimously. His presentation, just like his blog had great information, and I took copious notes.

Later that same Faffcon, I confided my ambitions to start a blog to Paul, and he gave me a lot of advice on how to promote myself, things that I could aim for as far as publishing, and the places that a blog could potentially take me. His blog, Nethervoice, is a well known staple of the voice over community. He started in 2009, and has written hundreds of posts since. They cover a wide range of topics, gear reviews, advice, discussions about coaching, professionalism, social media, pay to plays, and other things. He has recently announced a new book, Making Money in Your PJ’s and has been tantalizing his readers with glimpses and the beginnings of a social media campaign to promote the book. Paul is always an interesting read, oftentimes a challenging one, and someone you should make time for in his twice weekly posts.

Blogger Profile: Recap

Hey folks! Let's RecapA few weeks ago I started a series of profiles on my fellow voice over bloggers. There are quite a few of us, coming from a good variety of perspectives, and I think it’s important to see the plethora of advice, tips, tricks, and good sense that is put out by these folks on their blogs. I had to interrupt this series because of a couple other posts I wanted to get our right away, but now I wanted to go over the folks that I’ve covered already and discuss next week’s profile. So far I’ve touched on:

Bob Souer

Derek Chapell

Dave Courvoisier

Marc Scott


Randye Kaye

Next week I’m going to be discussing Paul Strikwerda, of the Nethervoice blog. Paul was one of the first people to give me advice about blogging, and his writing has been a source of inspiration and discussion for many voice talent.

Blogger Profile: Dave Courvoisier

courvo logoColloquially known as CourVO, Dave’s Voice Acting in Vegas blog is one of the go to institutions in our community. He has been writing (prolifically) since January of 2008, and I can’t count the number of times that I’ve seen or heard people referring to something they’ve read or learned about via his writing. He discusses tech products, the industry in general, and often social media on his blog.

Dave does social media curating in a Scoop.it, and has written (at a recent count) 2,317 blog posts. He’s going to publish a ‘best of’ trilogy for the mass of advice, tips, tech, and thoughts he’s written, and he’s also a weekly evening news anchor on a CBS station in Las Vegas. Oh, and his blog has an app as well! I met Dave at Faffcon a while back, and have followed his blog and social media work with interest since shortly thereafter.

Dave, Trish Basanyi, and Terry Daniel, have appeared a few different times as a social media triumvirate, discussing their different areas of expertise, and how best to apply these tools to your voice over career.

Dave is one to keep reading! He’s always got something insightful to say.

Blogger Profile: Derek Chappell

420828_10150602810622361_1907504329_aI met Derek quite a while ago at Faffcon 2 in Atlanta, GA. Not too long after, I discovered his blog, and put it on my ‘to read’ list. He’s been blogging since June of 2009, and not only does he write often, but he also does some pretty cool social media curating. His Scoop.it is filled with the latest posts from some of Voice Over’s most popular blogs and is one of the places I make a point to go when I want to get to everything from one location. He also writes a weekly post that includes the top voice over blogs written that week. His selection is pretty wide, and he features a fair variety of people. (It’s not the same folks every time.) This is another great way to cut down on your time hunting down everything that we rather talkative voice over folks say. A while back he even ran a game where readers could listen to the demos of various voice talent and try to match the demo to the talent–I always thought that was a really cool idea.

And on top of being a voice talent, prolific blogger and social media curator, he’s also a practicing lawyer! Derek is always a great fellow to read and I recommend him to anyone looking for something to read.

Blogger Profile: Bob Souer

bob_souer_professional_story_tellerThis series came to mind before the new year, and I knew one of the first people I wanted to feature was my father–and not just because he’s my Dad! I can’t count the number of people over the years who have mentioned Dad’s blog and how much they’ve enjoyed it, learned from it, and valued his words. They usually start out by telling me how awesome my Dad is, and then mention the blog, but still… 🙂

Dad has been blogging since May of 2005. He doesn’t post on a regular schedule, but I know that his readers find him worth the wait. His posts cover a pretty wide range of topics, but one of the first things he told me when he and I were discussing blogging, online content, and how you should present yourself was that he made a point of featuring other people whenever possible. Not only does it generate goodwill, and make you look good, there is also a lot of cool stuff going on out there that people should know about! In that vein, Dad also keeps a pretty lengthy blogroll of everyone he’s ever been able to find who blogs about voice over in some fashion.

In short, I would venture that my Dad is one of the mainstays of the voice over blogging world, and someone that is always interesting and valuable to read.


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