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Faffcon Retrospective

faffcon-logo-compact.gifReaders of my blog know that I’ve often written about Faffcon and the numerous joys and benefits it has brought to me and many other people’s lives, on both the personal and professional levels. After Faffcon 6, I was immediately deluged with an avalanche of work so I haven’t had time until now to mentally review everything.

I’d never been to Texas, so I was excited from the point I was heading to the airport to catch my 7:30am flight. One thing I knew would be different right from the start was the absence of most of my family. The previous 4 Faffcon events have had at least my brother Eric and my father with me, and often also my mom and brothers. This would be a father daughter Faffcon and I knew that that in and of itself would feel different. Dad and I met up at the airport, and we headed to the hotel and the Amy and Lauren goodness. After enthusiastic greetings, Dad and I went out to lunch with CC Heim and Fran McClellan where I had my first encounter with what it meant to be in ‘meat land’. (I’m a vegetarian.) The meals all included a pound of meat with a side of more meat! After margaritas containing a Texas sized portion of tequila, we headed back to the hotel.

After that we met up with some other Faffers, and went off to some staff work! I stuffed tote bags, CC made her cheerful signs, and in all the myriad ways, we got organized like we always do. I always catch myself thinking how this event becomes smoother and more system like every time we do it, fascinating considering that it didn’t begin all that long ago. In the evening, we have our Staff Dinner where Amy and Lauren discuss plans for the weekend, and then we meet up with the crowd of Faffers who come the night before and fill up some local watering hole. It feels like family. It feels familiar, no matter what city we’re in.

The rest of the weekend was full of many new faces, a fantastic night of karaoke, lots of sessions, giving out my hastily ordered but very popular notebooks, a great trip down the river, and some fantastic food. Faffcon is an event that is always changing and yet in some ways always the same. The welcoming people, the environment of creativity, interesting and challenging sessions, and the large portion of Faffing about. If you haven’t gone, it’s always worth it, and I’d recommend it to any working pro.

Interview Recap

Let's RecapWow, I can’t believe it’s over! When I started this interview series, I had no idea that I would find so many wonderful and talented production people to talk to. There were a few that I had in mind right from the start, but many who popped into my head along the way, or that I introduced myself to, or that introduced themselves to me!

So, just in case you missed one or more of the interviews, here they all are in one place for your leisurely reading. From people who have been in the business for decades to the relative (but still talented and together) neophyte, all the people I spoke with had interesting stories to tell. I’m so happy I got to share this ‘backstage’ side of voiceover with all of you. And I want to give a huge thank you to everyone that participated! Here they are:

  1. Morgan Barnhart
  2. Dan Friedman
  3. Jeff Kafer
  4. Eric Souer
  5. George Whittam
  6. Dylan Gamblin
  7. Louanne Frederickson
  8. Dan Lenard
  9. Zak Miller
  10. Jeff Bowden
  11. Jake Walther
  12. Theo Mordey
  13. Keenan Gaynor
  14. Cliff Zellman
  15. Lena Verwoord
  16. Patrick Brady

It’s been an amazing three months of interviews! Thanks again everyone, and I hope you all have enjoyed digging into this side of voiceover as much as I have. 🙂



It probably won’t surprise anyone that I feel the need to write about Faffcamp. I’m going to Faffcamptake a break from my interview series this week, and tell you about this awesome event. So, Faffcon got bigger than anyone expected. Therefore, to keep up with the need and desire for more Faffing, Amy came up with Faffcamp. There’s been some great buzz about it already (EWABS and Courvo, plus awesome Aussie explainer video) but I particularly wanted to highlight the post of the always great, never late Peter O’Connell. He discusses the event itself and the sponsors that are the lifeblood of all things Faff.

The talents and mind of our Faff-mama-creator-amazing-director, Amy Snively, and the Faff-get-everything-organized-and-done-er, Lauren McCullough have a great event in store for everyone who has been looking for some Faff and hasn’t been able to get some. I’ve written about Faffcon a lot (One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, times plus my Faffcon Session.) in the past, and I won’t be able to attend Faffcamp, but I know all of you people will have a fantastic time and learn lots! My Dad and Sign Master Eric will be there to make sure that this Faff has some Souer too. So, read, register, and Faff on folks!

If you’re wondering about the interview series I mentioned above, you can catch up here:

And next week I’ll be continuing with Louanne Frederickson, editor and fellow Faffer!


Eric Souer Interview

Eric FaceFor this week’s interview, I sat down my little brother Eric Souer. Eric has actually been a professional editor for longer than I have, and he’s very detail-oriented and a great person to work with. (As much as I might be tempted to say otherwise by big-sisterly teasing, it’s the truth!)

 1. Tell us about how you got started in editing.

It was the summer of 2006, and I was between my sophomore and junior years of high school. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my life, and I didn’t have any plans for college. My Dad suggested I try working for him as a sort of apprentice. He gave me some basic training in editing, and started having me edit his long form projects. Over time he taught me more of the “tricks of the trade” and I’ve been working for him, and others, ever since.

2. What was a favorite project you worked on?

That’s a tough question, because I’ve been able to work on a number of pretty interesting audiobooks. I think I’d have to say one of the audiobooks we did on Billy Graham. It was really well written, and was a fascinating look into his life.

3. What is your favorite type of audio to edit?

My preferred type of audio to edit is the “long form” projects, so audiobooks and e-Learning.

4. Do you feel the service you offer is helpful to all voice talent?

I do. It really does free up time for the voice talent to pursue other work, or to just stay on top of the avalanches that come.

5. How should people contact you if they want to work with you?

The best way to contact me is by email: [email protected]

As a post script, if you know anyone who you think would fit in to my ‘techie’ interview series please email me at [email protected] Also, you can check out previous interviews with Morgan Barhart of SociableBoost.com here, Dan Friedman here, and Jeff Kafer here.

And next week, I’ll be sitting down with the audio master, George Whittam.



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