I’m always glad for an opportunity to work with Karen. She’s professional, responsive, efficient, communicative, and thorough, and she’s lovely to work with. I trust her, and I enjoy her! –Tavia Gilbert

In a world where methodical punctiliousness is a premium quality, Karen Souer’s precision, timeliness and care have saved me over and over again. In fact, I really hate to recommend Karen because that means I will have to share her with more folks. -Carol Schneider

Karen is thorough, timely, and professional–everything you would want in a proofer and editor. She has saved my hide more than once, and I’m sure she will many more times in the future.
-Marti Dumas

Karen has certainly made my job easier!  She’s quick, efficient and reliable.  With clients relying on me, outsourcing some of my more time consuming tasks can mean the difference between delivering on time (or earlier than expected!) or missing deadlines.  I HATE missing deadlines.  Karen makes sure I don’t because I can always count on her in a pinch.  I highly recommend her services.     -Jodi Krangle

Karen Souer is a super hero, no joke. She is always there to lend a helping hand whether I need research or editing done. She has saved my bacon quite a few times! 😉   -Michelle Ann Dunphy

I have been fortunate to work with Karen Souer on a number of voice-over related projects that involved both production support and administrative support. In each case she exceeded my goals, time frames and expectations. She is wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her.     -Peter K. O’Connell

I had an impossible 20-hr. audiobook deadline to meet before the start of the new year. Karen willingly took on my project, even though she already had two other projects going. She worked through the Christmas holiday and we made it to the finish line.  Karen demonstrated impeccable editing skills and really knows her stuff. I would not hesitate to hire her again.   -Cira Larkin

My brand is “LoveThatRebecca” but I also Love Karen! I have been working with various editors over the past several years, and Karen is my r.o.c.k.  Reliable, Optimal, Cheerful, Karen!  We have a great working relationship because she does great work, fast, with a great attitude and service.    -Rebecca Michaels Haugh

Karen took on the massive project of organizing and updating a 600-plus contact database, which is essential for my VO business. It was a tall order, but Karen met the challenge and delivered!    -Angela Cataldo

Karen is organized, efficient, accurate, and full of good ideas. I love working with her and cannot recommend her highly enough!    -Amy Snively

I’ve hired Karen’s editing service for quite a number of audiobooks and I have to say she’s excellent to work with. A consummate professional with an attention to detail and a great communicator. I would highly recommend her in a heartbeat!    -Pearl Hewitt

I’ve been lucky enough to have been working Karen since 2012.  She has demonstrated the remarkable ability to wear a variety of hats including that of an on-site assistant during FaffCon, a reliable editor, and she also introduced me to the fantastic world of live proofing.  Not only is she a professional, she’s prompt when it comes to deadlines and easy going with last minute emergencies.  I always look forward to working with her.     -Lauren McCullough

I am very happy that I began to partner with Karen Souer.  Karen has provided me with editing and quality control for several of my projects.  Her attention to details has been of twofold help.  Firstly, of course, Karen caught slips of the tongue, omissions, and repetitions.  She, also, called my attention to pacing.  Secondly, because of Karen’s work, I have been able to recognize several of my personal error patterns and nip them in the bud.  This is difficult for anyone to do on one’s own.  I hope to continue working in partnership with Karen.           -Darla Middlebrook

I emailed Karen a freaked out panic email about how I had to meet a tight deadline, I couldn’t get it all done, blah blah blah. Karen calmly took over, edited my audio quite nicely and not only met but beat the deadline. –Margie Lenhart

Karen is a pleasure to work with. She is always accountable, very hard-working and aims to please. She’s able to juggle multiple tasks and has been a valuable part of our team on many occasions. –Kirissa Shipp

It was such a treat to work with someone who is so efficient, organized and fair. I will definitely hire Karen again when I’m ready for another round of research! –Michelle Armeneau

Karen came highly recommended to me by several people and I contacted her to edit my upcoming book. Karen is very straightforward and keeps everything simple, which is a relief in these times when we are constantly inundated by big promises and slick advertising. Karen was very modest about her skills. She didn’t mention that she is in fact one of the best in the business and she really knows exactly what she’s doing and she brings her years of experience to every book she does. My project was small but Karen treated it as if it was the most important she’s done. She is patient and professional and she took my narration and made it a thing of beauty.

I’ve now used Karen’s services for two books and I’ve asked her to do a third. The level of detail and the expertise that Karen brings to her work is astounding. I can’t thank her enough. I will eventually have to learn to edit myself, but in the meantime I know I’m in safe hands and that every project I submit is of the absolute highest editing quality thanks to Karen Souer. I can’t thank her enough. –Daniela Acitelli

Karen did a wonderful job editing my narration of “Shot Down.” She is the best kind of editor, because she is not just technically excellent, she is highly intuitive about the rhythm and pacing of the narration. Highly recommended!

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